Painting Contractor

Painting Contractor

The easiest and most cost effective way to change your house is via an interior painting job. Interior painting lets you create more than one room or your whole home and may considerably increase your house’s worth, particularly if your existing paint is scuffed or muddy or when the colours are garish or drab. Further, if you are selling your house, an entire paint job at vivid, neutral tones makes it much easier for prospective buyers to picture the distance as their own, thus increasing your odds of selling.

Even though Luxury Home Remodeling specializes in taking away the hassle of painting your insides yourself to free your hectic schedule, for people who do decide to undertake an inside painting renovation, then the savings could be significant. The procedure may also be really remarkably time-consuming it might take several evenings and weekends to finish. And because poor preparation for inside painting could lead to sloppily coated walls which will have to be sanded much earlier than anticipated, hurrying any step along the way is not a fantastic idea. So for many in Bay Area, working with an all-in-one renovation team like Luxury Home Remodeling is just common sense. Luxury Home Remodeling’s team—from our Consultants who help select your paint colors, sheens, faux painting techniques and paint brands to our highly skilled teams of painters—ensures your project will be completed professionally, on time, and on budget.


Preparation is very important – particularly when painting a furnished flat. Good handling of your own furniture and possessions is vital as you won’t need paint spatter on whatever. We’ll cover your floor with building paper (or in certain instances with Masonite), we do not use inexpensive drop cloths such as other builders. In addition, we apply blue tape into the locations which will be painted afterwards. By way of instance, tape is put on the distance between the ceiling and wall. Employing blue tape is vital since it will not pull paint off once the tape is eliminated.


Generally, the older the property, the worse the condition of the walls. Pre-war apartments have solid plaster walls that have been painted many times over the years. They generally require plastering. Most post-war buildings have been built with sheetrock, which is simpler to use. The very best but most expensive and time-consuming plastering method is skim coating. This involves applying a coating of plaster over the full surface. When it dries through the night, it’s sanded and the other layer is put on. Skim coating generally requires four or three coats of plaster. It’s the nicest looking choice as it makes the walls seem fresh. This procedure repairs cracks and peeling paint but does not make the walls look perfect. The quantity of plastering you need will be contingent upon the amount of perfection and smoothness that you would like to attain, but might be limited by your budget.


All figurines and metal are known as “trim” Normally the trim is painted at a semi-gloss finish for the best protection. Frequently, the elderly the flat, the worse the status of the trim. It normally contains layers of paint and cracked or damaged regions. If you’re searching for perfection, then it might be best to replace it with fresh trim. If you only need to fix this up a bit, it’s likely to fill in certain terrible regions then sand, prime and paint. Some elderly flats have beautiful tropical wood detail which could possibly be well worth stripping and refinishing. This option is detail oriented, time-consuming and costly.


Priming is the process of applying a primer or base coat to the surface to be painted. Priming is recommended in every painting project and is an absolute necessity in some cases. For example, you must use a primer if you are painting an area that’s been repaired or patched, a water-damaged area or if you are attempting to a paint light color over a dark one. The primer acts like glue for the paint, enabling it to adhere to the wall. Even if you are on a tight budget or are painting the exact same color, we recommend priming.

Paint Application

Definitely, the best strategy is to employ at least 2 coats of paint to all surfaces. In some cases a third coat may be needed. If you’re on a budget, then it’s likely to apply just 1 coat of a particular, thinner paint

Luxury Home Remodeling recommends two brands of paints – Benjamin Moore is easily available and are available at Janovic stores across Bay Area. It’s the recognized manufacturer in the tri-state region and it provides additional finishes. In the event you need to check out colour swatches, you are able to locate them easily on the regional paint shop. Sherwin Williams is also a excellent national manufacturer but it isn’t easy to find in local shops. If you would like to save money on paint, then it’s a fantastic alternative as it can cost around 40 percent less than Benjamin Moore.

Once you’ve chosen the color, you’ll need to select a finish. Generally, ceilings are painted with a flat finish. Bathrooms, bedrooms and trim are painted with counter tops as it’s stronger and easier to clean. Semi-gloss is not recommended for walls other than in kitchens and bathrooms because it highlights every imperfection. Walls in different rooms could be painted other endings you want. The most common flat end is eggshell. Special finishes like lace and pearl are amazing but are more expensive.

Faux Finishing

Painting presents an infinite number of possibilities to modify the overall look of your interior area. Faux finishing is a unique technique employed so as to reach a custom made routine of paint program. It has become exceedingly popular throughout the previous decade particularly in metropolitan areas like Bay region. This special finishing technique permits the artist an infinite number of styles and layouts to operate with. The fundamental idea is to use 1 base coat at a uniform shade and than put the tone with all the glaze coats. The weathered coats are another color, which when implemented is inserted as a second or third color to the bottom coat. Based upon the artist’s style and the program procedure, the feel is determined. You are able to use various procedures and tools which are more common like sponging, combing, ragging, and brush strokes or even make your own personal feel. Among the most well-known programs in Bay Area is named Venetian Plaster. This program, which was quite typical in Italy starting in the 19th Century, is a community favorite since it produces a marble appearance and a sleek polished texture. When artificial finishing, the only limitation is the creativity. It is possible to use it through an whole area or just highlight one little section like a kitchen back-plash. Luxury Home Remodeling’s faux finishing artists have the skills, abilities and expertise to use artificial finishing so as to turn your fantasy into a reality.

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